Maxim's Landscape & Snow Removal

What can Maxim's Landscape Company do for you?

Welcome to Maxim's Landscaping and Snow Removal. Maxim's is your choice for landscaping and snow removal in the Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota metropolitan area. We service both residential and commercial clients. Contact us today with your landscaping and snow removal inquiry.

Landscape Design & Construction
Maxim's Landscape and Snow Removal Company differs in superior quality landscape maintenance. Our professional landscape designers have extensive and considerable experience in landscaping and masterfully carry out lawn maintenance for all local clients.
Excavating and Trenching
Maxim's landscaping offers general excavation and grading services in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. We install foundation pads for sheds and other outdoor structures. We also handle private utility trenching and land clearing.
Outdoor Carpentry
Enhance your landscape's look, applying wooden planters, benches and other outdoor carpentry work such as pergolas, etc. Our company has proved to be a reputable and reliable expert, so feel free when choosing us for your projects.
Hardscaping can bring beauty and functionality to your landscaping layout. Maxim's Landscaping offers crucial components like patios, walkways, retaining walls, steps, and outdoor kitchens of the highest quality.
Landscape Drainage
Our landscaping company specializes in drainage services that protect your home from expensive water damage. Call us today for an inspection and quote.
Seasonal Snow Removal
One of the most popular services provided by Maxim's Landscape is seasonal snow removal. We have much experience in commercial snow removal service, which allows us to help locals when the winter comes. Don't put yourself at risk when attempting to do everything on your own. Trust the professionals!

The Benefits of Working with Our Company

Quality Materials/Great Rates
Maxims's Landscape shops multiple vendors to get you the best materials at the best rates. We look forward to quoting your project.
Eco-friendly Landscaping
With Maxim's Landscaping Company, you will be able to improve the natural environment around your house or commercial building by using native plants and other eco-friendly elements for your yard or patio.
Increased property value
We will help you to increase the market value of your property using a stunning landscape design.
Improved standard of living
Natural elements will make you feel more productive, happy, and healthy. A beautiful outdoor yard and patio by Maxim's Landscape Company can help you to focus on everyday tasks and finish it on time.
Photo finish
After the landscape care is finished, you will obtain a receipt and a photo of the final result to ensure the job complies with the Maxim's Premium Standard.